Rewarding Responsible Pet Owners: Our Free Vaccines for Life Program

At All Creatures Veterinary, we share your commitment to preventive care for your beloved pets. Introducing our Free Vaccines for Life Program – a token of appreciation for clients who prioritize their pet’s well-being through regular well-care visits.

Plan Details:

Enroll your pet for a one-time, non-refundable fee of $99.

Attend your pet’s bi-annual wellness exam with our veterinarians, and core vaccinations will be administered at no additional cost.

This program is designed to align with our philosophy of administering vaccines based on your pet’s lifestyle, ensuring only healthy animals receive vaccinations as recommended by manufacturers.

Enrollment is per pet, allowing you to enroll multiple pets with a fee for each individual animal.

Your Pet’s Health is Our Priority:

We believe in the importance of bi-annual physical exams to prevent diseases and promote a long, healthy life for your pet.

Through education and early diagnostics, we aim to provide comprehensive care for your furry companions.

For appointments or more information, contact us at 859-356-0505 or visit

What the Plan Includes:

Your pet will receive free core vaccines for life with bi-annual wellness exams.

You’re responsible for the exam fee during each visit.

A 30-day grace period is provided after the wellness exam due date; failure to comply will void the program, requiring re-enrollment or payment for vaccines.

Lifetime Savings and More:

Our program offers substantial lifetime savings, covering only core vaccines for dogs and cats.

Exclusions include fees for additional services and products, such as heartworm testing, parasite screening, medications, and more.

Vaccination needs are determined on a case-by-case basis by our veterinarians.

Enrollment Perks:

50% off your pet’s spay or neuter.

$20 coupon for each new client referred by you.

Exclusive discounts on seasonal promotions and senior wellness programs.

Canine vaccines: Rabies, DHP-PV, Corona, and Lepto.

Feline vaccines: Rabies, FVR-CP, and Leukemia.

Trust All Creatures Veterinary to safeguard your pet’s health through our Free Vaccines for Life Program.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”